Every Inch of Me

can feel you

I can see you so clear

If only you could see me, I wouldn’t have to ¬†wonder

were you ever here.

Every Inch of Me

wanted you here

to smell you, touch you, breath your breath

you were just not here

look into my eyes and tell me what you see, bet you can’t

you could never see me… ¬†No matter what the day

Nor the hour,

Every Inch of Me

could not attract your power.

I am strong, I am Chocolate, I am soft and I even smell good

Where were you when I was thinking about us. Smiling.

wanting you to touch me, run your hands through my coils

look me in my eyes and connect on a level so pure

You were Gone. I will never forget… but I will move on
And I will attract the love That will Love

Every Inch of Me


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