Meditation is a very lengthy subject and can be quite intimidating to someone who has never thought about implementing it into their lifestyle. In this post there will be a simple and easy clarification of meditation and its health benefits, the science behind it, and different types of meditation. You may also figure out a certain type of meditation that is best for you.

I started my journey meditating because of issues that I became aware of that was stemmed from my childhood. I wanted to change my mind. I wanted my brain to act organically, what i mean by that is I wanted to think clearer and erase misconceptions about life out of my head. Meditation is the progressive settling down of the mind into a field of silence. In other words, inward focus or present moment, training our mind to be wholesome or cultivating in stability and clarity. This was my goal

Why Meditate

Lets talk about stress and anxiety. In the technological age we are now in, people have more things to do and more things clouding their minds. The process of overthinking  will bring on lots of stress and anxiety. Everyday we are overwhelmed with social media, emails, jobs, kids, finances and entertainment. The normal human brain will turn all of these distractions into health problems, low self esteem, low immune health and a slew of other conditions caused by stress and anxiety. Sometime you may lose your ability to enjoy life and it may also affect our relationships. Under extreme stress we act destructively and primitively.

Three things you should implement into your lifestyle:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Meditation

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation helps us to focus and to rid ourselves of negative thoughts thus reducing our stress levels. When you have a focused mind negativity that comes to your senses  should be quickly turned into positives once you have practiced this on a regular basis.

You will have better relationships at home or work because of your solitude and your new found love for people and things. You will become more compassionate and aware of others and their personalities.

Studies has shown meditation to play a huge part in actual brain health and function and in some cases with Alzheimer disease.

Enlightenment is an experience of insight into the true nature of reality. After many years of meditation you may acquire this “power”or intellect and knowledge. Enlightenment is discussed on many levels and has many definitions but is the main goal to meditation.

Meditation can reverse the toxic experiences of life:

  • Reduces stress response
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Supports immune system

Meditation turns the noise off in your head!

20 minutes a day can train the body to progressively allow it a state of calm and collectiveness. It promotes healing and withdraws our attention from the outer world. With just a short practice everyday meditation leads to the production of “happy hormones” such as, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Dopamine, and Endorphins. When we are stressed we are limited and we don’t live to our full potential.

Types of Meditations

Mantra – A calming word, thought or phrase is repeated silently. This is very effective in preventing distracting thoughts.

Guided Meditation – This particular type of meditation is also called guided imagery and visualization. The guide encourages one to form mental images of relaxing places or images.

Yoga – Yoga is also a way of meditating where one performs a series of body postures and poses in conjunction with controlled breathing exercises. This helps in building a very flexible body and a calm mind as well.

Mindfulness Meditation – For this one to be effective, one is encouraged to be mindful which in other words means having a high awareness and acceptance of the present moment.

*This is where you focus on what you experience as you meditate; for example, the flow of your breath. One is advised to only observe the motions and thoughts as they pass without judgment.

Transcendental – Requires one to use a mantra which in other words is a repeated peaceful word, sound or phrase. Repeated silently and calm and it narrows down ones consciousness and awareness, eliminating all thoughts from the mind in the process. Focusing on the perfect mantra, one is able to achieve a perfect state of peacefulness and calmness.

Tai Chi – Described as a Chinese form of martial arts that is usually gentle. Involves performing a chain of self paced postures or movements slowly and gracefully while at the same time practicing deep breathing exercises.

Relaxed breathing – Just as the name suggests. Relaxed breathing is a meditation method which involves using the diaphragm muscle to expand the lungs as you engage in deep and even-paced breathing. While doing this you are encouraged to take in more oxygen as you breath in slowly while reducing the use of the neck, upper chest and shoulder muscles.

Healthier body healthier mind.
      Get back in control of your life.

Beginners are advised to take it slowly and to avoid judging their meditation skills as this may actually increase the already existing stress. Proper meditation takes a lot of practice and even the most experienced individual will experience a wondering mind once in a while. The trick to efficient meditating lies in slowly returning to your focus of concentration as soon as the concentration is broken.

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