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You will never guess.. eating organic has many benefits for our health. Wow,, who would have guessed? Organic living is literally all over the internet. Grocery stores have even implemented sections for organic health. Organic fast food and and whole food stores are more and more popular these days. Places like Trader Joes, Whole Foods and “mom & pop” restaurants cater to the population that want to change the way they eat. It’s a pretty scary thing to know that the food we are consuming could cause potential harm to our bodies when we need food to live.

 You will have to choose: 1. Do you want to feed your body processed food that could completely have a impact on your overall health? Or 2. Choose foods that are grown organically on good farmland with no chemicals. I choose #1, this reason alone is why I came up with my top 10 reasons to eat organic.

My Top 10 Reasons to Eat Organic


  1. Conventional fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticidesPesticides play an important role in maintaining yields of agricultural crops. The residues from pesticides can potentially be harmful to humans if they get into the food we eat.
  2. Organic foods are grown naturally in healthy soil – Many urban soils have lead contamination unfortunately. Before growing anything edible it is critical that soil is tested. Organic fruit and vegetables are grown in soil that has been tested with organic recommendations for fertility.
  3. More nutrients – More vitamin C and minerals. Organic fruits and vegetables contain as much as 40 percent higher levels of antioxidants, which are believed to reduce the risk of heart disease and many cancers.
  4. Organic Food has no toxins – Organic foods are free of toxic chemicals, food additives and GMOs.
  5. Certified Organic mean no GMOs- GMO means genetically modified organism.We don’t know the long term health effects of GMOs.
  6. Reduced risk of birth defects – Pesticides eaten by pregnant women are linked to birth defects.
  7. Farm chemicals can cause cancer – Certified Organic means no artificial chemicals. Food Chemicals may cause Alzheimer’s. Certified Organic means NO hormones or antibiotics.
  8. Organic Farming is substantial – Scientist believe that there is enough organic agriculture to feed the world and more.
  9. Better for the Future of the planetCertified organic farmers care for the environment. Organic farming reduces the risk of groundwater pollution. Healthy organic agricultural system can actually reduce carbon dioxide and help slow climate change.
  10. Organic food taste better

I try my best to put good things in my body to be a happier healthier me. Do your research and find out what is in the foods you are purchasing for you and your families everyday. Do a Google search on some of the ingredients. Overall take care of your health and feel good about the way you feed your soul.

Live the best life possible


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