The best part of my journey in this lifetime is finding peace. I have learned to create an atmosphere where it is easy for me to come to a meditative state and stay there as long as possible. I have incorporated things in my home that bring me comfort and peace. Being one with myself and the universe helps me to better analyze life and certain situations. My goal in this post is to help someone come closer to spirituality. When you are closer to your spirituality you tend to think and act more logical. Same goes to the way we eat… if you put healthy things inside your body it will show on the outside. When you work within yourself and begin to put things in perspective it changes your brain, totally changing your outlook on life and giving you a heart of love and forgiveness. Here are a few tips to help you get to this peaceful place and it starts with where you spend most of your time, the home.

1. Cleanliness

Having a clean home is the key to life. Not everybody is a clean freak or even close, but in order to clear your mind you have to clear your space. Begin by decluttering your space. Most women keep things just because we have paid for them and think we still might use the item later down the road. This is a bad mistake, all you have to do is make up your mind to throw it away. Learn ways to help you detach yourself from material things and invest your money in more natural organic products that you will be sure to use. Take it one day at a time and remove things you are not using anymore. Give to charity, that one good deed will come back to you. Making your home as clean and decluttered as possible will give you energy to get up and get moving, you will get so much done without having to think about chores.

2. Personal Hygiene

The next best thing to keeping your space clean is keeping your body clean..from the inside out. I cannot stress enough how important it is to put things in your body that will help you outer appearance and your overall health. Start with breakfast. Get on a healthy routine to incorporate more fruits and veggies in your fridge. If you do this breakfast wont be a hassle for you. Get up grab a piece of fruit and water and head out of the door or even back to bed. Purchase more colorful foods for your fridge and work your way up to a healthy diet all together. You will notice that your body odor will change, your energy levels will rise and you will start being in better shape to get more things done. Bathe daily, I would tell you not so often but until you get your insides clean bathe, bathe, bathe. Clip your nails and soak your feet. Wash your hair regularly. Try doing a pamper day once a week to get in the routine of taking care of yourself.

3. Clear the air

Clean air circulation is important for your space. Clean clear air changes the atmosphere in any home. To achieve a better quality breathing space, bring in some live plants. Plants help with oxygen in your home. They also help you to feel better and give you a sense of peace. Go out and get fresh flowers to place around your home, most flowers have a wonderful aroma. Here are some flowers and plant suggestions.. Orchids, Plumeria, Passion Flower, Tea Rose Begonia, Gardenia, Eucalyptus and Roses. Another way to clear the air is to buy an air diffuser. Air diffusers will help humidify the air and give your home a cool clean aroma. Most diffusers use aromatherapy oils to incorporate into the water to help give you a sense of peace and also help with your overall health with a clean air environment. I have linked the diffuser that I have for your reference. In my home I love the smell of incense. The aroma of sage and lavender put me in a place of greatness. Burning incense can create a state of consciousness for creating a relaxing mood.

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4. Decorate

Your personal style and comfort matter the most in this step. I typically go for warm colors in my home (living space) and cooler tones in my bathroom. Big fluffy, comfy pillows are an essential for sitting space for meditating or reading. I have candles in every room of my home and I love to burn them when I know I will be spending time in that area, like at bath time or cooking a nice meal in the kitchen. I have found some amazing smelling candles for a reasonable price at Home Goods and Ross Stores. Try some DIY projects for your home such as candle holders or decorative rocks in a vase to set the mood in your home. Look to Pinterest to get some DIY Ideas. Being creative in your space will bring you the most peace, whether you like a lot or a little you should bring things in that make you happy and not so much of what is traditional or contemporary decorating.  My next project will be to start painting my own abstracts to hang on my walls. Painting brings me peace and allows me to be as creative as I like.


5. Pray

Pray over your space. Pray for peace in your home and everyone that resides there. There is no greater peace than the peace of prayer. Set aside some time out of your day, before or after meditating and talk to God. Give all you cares of the world to him. Enjoy living life.


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