A Meditating Man

Yes please! The face of yoga and meditation from what I can see, are mostly women. If you google yoga pics over 75% of them are of women. I know there are a plethora of men that meditate but can we get more please? I decided to write about this subject because in our society today I believe men need their voices back, women need to be more submissive and families need to stick together. What are the benefits of a men meditating?

Yoga and meditation have been practiced for ages in other countries. Some may relate yoga to a religious practice or something other than God. That is totally not the case. Yoga first began approximately 5,000 years ago in Northern India. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand primarily practiced to answer a few of life questions that we all at some point want answers to, like: “Who am I”  “Where do I come From” “What do I do” and “Where do I go”. Meditation is a tool to answer those questions. Practicing this will ease the mind and help the body be at peace.

Meditation could change relationships for men by giving them the confidence and intuition in choosing the right partner for himself. After choosing then he will posses qualities that will help the relationship flourish.

Yoga can help men be more flexible and have more energy. A man with a steady yoga practice will have more stamina in sports, household chores, and his overall lifestyle. Yoga will definitely give a man the boost he needs to be more energetic and athletic.

It could be very challenging to convince the man in your life to do yoga or just sit still long enough to meditate. It  can be especially hard for older men because they feel they know it all already. Yoga and meditation has health benefits too that contribute to longer healthier lives. It could possibly help with high blood pressure, anxiety, adult ADD, erectile dysfunction, depression and alcoholism.

Introduce yoga to a man in your life today or if you are a man reading this open your mind to try something different just to take you away from the chaos of the day. You wont regret it.

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