First let me start off by saying yoga and meditation does not discriminate. We were all birthed into this world the very same way, by opening our eyes. We will all leave this world the very same way, by closing our eyes. When you open your eyes to this world you begin to absorb whats around you, whether good or bad. You totally forget the peace and oneness you had before your transition here. You were a pure spiritual being with only the knowledge of yourself, not being able to feel pain, sickness and other emotions that take you far away from your true self. Yoga and meditation is a practice that is designed to get you back centered; therefore taking away a lot of the illusions of responsibilities we have gained here at this time in our lives. Leading back to the question, Is yoga and meditation for me? YES.

Life takes over immediately and we are groomed to function as human beings. You are taught at an early age to behave, to be polite, to share, not to cry, to stand up for yourself and a plethora of other rules of life. Nobody ever taught you how to be still, clear your mind, to challenge your body strength in a relaxing way and to reflect. This blog post is for people who do not understand why they are here. Some may feel like they have no purpose and going through the motions of life, but at the same time having this dream life planned out in their heads. The reason you are not living your dream life is because you are depressed about your current life.

Why Practice Yoga And Meditation

Yoga and meditation will help you to get rid of the clutter of the current to make room for clearer thoughts for your future. Everyone still has a future and you are in control of that. If you are a believer in God and you are not having a good life, you are not a believer in God. I may get a lot of backlash from that statement but you have to look deeper into what I said. If you believe in God that means you know what his role is in your life. How do you believe in something and do no know why you believe in it? God is love and we should be love also. When you are love that is how you will operate and what you sow shall you reap. Plain and simple.

How do I become love? Start by saying I want to be love. Look through your life and get rid of things that you do not feel love from. If you can’t get rid of some things immediately just start by showing love to that thing. Do not give it anymore energy but love and it will go away on its own, trust me. Then begin a practice that you are comfortable with that will get you through your days. Your practice will slowly begin to change your DNA, you will feel more calm and peace, you will see more blessing and you will have more energy.


Yoga and meditation should be studied from birth but starting where you are now will be like a rebirth. Don’t be afraid to tell people what your secret is when they notice a change in you. You may help another being by sharing your story. I want to share a few tips with you so that you can get an idea of how this practice will help your situation.

  1. Pray
  2. Live within your means
  3. Do what gives you peace and monetize it
  4. Give from the heart
  5. Pray for others

If you want life to change for you and get better, you have to believe there is better. I say believe a lot because our mind and our words are so powerful. We are what we think, believe and say. Some may say that there is no time for yoga and meditation. The only reason there is no time for it is because we have our minds occupied by things that are bringing us down and we put our own peace on hold for things that will not matter when we close our eyes to this world.

I hope this will help someone, if only one. Please share this with friends and family or if you know of anyone needing help with their current situation. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email.



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