When I first saw this video I was intrigued to hear the views of a visionary and yogi, on how he believed our children should be raised. I have been listening to Shadguru for a little while now and I truly respect his thoughts (which he claims he doesn’t have many of) on the parent and child relationship. I was raised to follow rules and it was known that my parents envisioned a certain way of life they wanted me to live.¬† I grew up not having a say so basically. I don’t recall ever being in charge of the day. Fast forward to raising my own children I have given them more freedom, more time to play and grow into themselves. Yes I nagged and disciplined them, both physical and mental punishments, I’ve found that it only works while they are still small because they may have feared me. When my kids grew up they began to rebel against what I wanted so they could do what it was they wanted to do at the time. This all made a big mess in our relationships. I felt disrespected and they felt the same. My intentions were to never make my kids fight for who they¬† really are, I just wanted them to know that I was there for them and I wanted what was best. Gaining trust from your children is very important especially today because there is nothing more satisfying than kids going to their parents for help and advice. Facebook, Instagram, twitter ect. has most kids attention and its time we as parents do something to put us back first in our children’s lives. First I suggest that we all have a long talk with our kids and let them know what you have learned new and how you are trying to approach things now. Second, listen to them. Let your children know that even though you have been seen as a disciplinary most of their lives you now know how important it is for you to listen to them and not be so judgmental. Third, Open the door to happiness, let love, happiness, playfulness shine through, live through the eyes of your children and have fun.

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