This new year is not waiting on no one. We are dashing through the first couple of months rapidly. I know most of us made new years resolutions and by  now they are maybe a thing of the past. Well I’m here to help you hit the reset button with 5 ways to raise your vibration so you will have the best year ever.

1. The person or thing that is in your way, Get RID of it!

We are creatures of habit and the one thing that is hard for us to do is form new habits. Stop giving energy to that one thing in your life that you know you don’t need and replace it with something positive that will inspire your life. For example: That bad relationship you were in, start learning a new skill like a refresher course for work or a new trade or hobby. Fill that time space up with something positive. What may seem comfortable now, is not always good. Stop suffering and start living.


2. Live in the moment

We tend to look for fulfillment in time and not acknowledge the present moment. Our lives consist of  now, even if you have thoughts of the past or the future, those thoughts are now. The remedy to being present can be found in meditation. Meditation forces you to be in the present moment for a short time. 15-20 minutes of meditation per day will help create long-lasting patterns on the path to presence. As you go through your day practice having “active presence” moments. Keep one attention on your life and one always on your soul.


3. Be grateful

Being grateful for what is now will make room for more in your future. I’ve learned that writing down what I am grateful for everyday makes me aware of how much I have to be thankful for. Keep daily journal entries of at least 5 things you are grateful for, write them down every morning or every night and just reflect on those things and fill your body with happiness as you go down your list. When we are thankful for what we have, we can truly allow ourselves to desire more.


4. Say no to envy

When you say no to envy you are saying hello to the real you. When we are envious of others there is no way we can see the greatness in ourselves. Learn to love yourself to achieve and pursue all of your goals. Envy is us fighting what we truly are. Listen to your inner voice and go for all the things that you deserve. The power is in you.


5. Be aware

Get your head out of the clouds. Be aware of whats going on around you. You may think that if you don’t acknowledge something then it’s not happening or it will go away. Not true, acknowledge, listen and learn, those are the best ways to be aware. For example, acknowledge that you have an unhealthy diet, get information on what is healthy for you and learn how to implement those things into your life. the goal is to not beat yourself up but to know how to be the best version of yourself.




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